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Blog Ahead

Blog Ahead

I keep thinking I should do a “challenge”, or a tag, or something. Everyone else is doing it, right? And I do love reading the posts – they’re so much fun.

So, in that spirit… I came across “The (Mini) Blog Ahead“. Andie at It’s A Reading Thing posted about it, I checked it out (see, I do read all the posts when I follow someone, honest!) – and it looks pretty cool!

“The (Mini) Blog Ahead” was created by Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup and it goes like this:


Write 15 extra posts for your “scheduled” pile


Blog Ahead is all about helping you get ahead with your blog posts – hopefully eliminating some of the stress that comes with scrambling to get posts completed last minute. It’s amazing for getting ready for vacations, school events and a lifesaver when emergencies or blogging slumps hit!


On day 1, you look at your scheduled posts. How many do you have written? Whatever that number is, add another 15 posts to it. The only rule is, they have to be posts which will go up after the event ends (6th July, in this case).


I had 6 posts planned (because that’s how many ARCs are in my TBR pile with release dates after the 6th July).

So, I will have 21 posts written in my “scheduled” pile to be posted after the 6th July. Which sounds pretty good to me! I am forever scratching around for time to get reviews written. I love writing them, but there are some weeks when it just doesn’t happen. I think this will be good for me, get me organised!

Plus, I’ve found some super cool blogs through the challenge. It’s already been worth it…

Anyone else doing “The (Mini) Blog Ahead” this round?


9 thoughts on “Blog Ahead”

  1. I have some ideas about things I’d like to write about… I know the ARCs I have at the moment, which I know I’ll read and roughly when I’ll post the review – I’ve usually done the review sometime before, because I’m all excited about getting a free book… And there are quite a few books on my wishlist and TBR, so I know I’ll probably read some of those… But it’s a little bit disorganised! So, I’m excited about maybe trying some new things with my posts and having a “schedule” of sorts 🙂

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  2. Hmm… since it’s nearly 10 p.m. and I haven’t written tomorrow’s post yet, I can’t decide whether I must do this challenge or whether I should just run away screaming… good luck!! 😀

    *runs away, screaming*

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  3. It scares me too! I like the idea of having a schedule and things, but in all honesty I’m probably never going to stick to one. And I’m a mood reader so I don’t necessarily know my next 15 books / posts 😱

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