The Sentinal's Reign Suzanne Rogerson
ARCs, Suzanne Rogerson

The Sentinel’s Reign

Author: Suzanne Rogerson | Self-published

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series, The Lost Sentinel, I was excited to continue the adventure with The Sentinel’s Reign; and I wasn’t disappointed. You can read my review of The Lost Sentinel here.

Classic, character-driven, fantasy, The Sentinel’s Reign picks up right where The Lost Sentinel left off. The reader finds themselves immediately re-immersed in the story, following Tei, Farell, Brogan and now the Sentinel, Callisa, as they attempt to restore peace to their island and heal the magic which keeps it alive. I like the premise a great deal; the idea that we are connected to the land in such a visceral fashion.

The characters are one of the most brilliant parts of this story. Every character is subtly and realistically developed throughout the course of the story, they make mistakes and have flaws and strengths, relationships, loss, responsibilities, and preferences, and as a result they feel very three-dimensional. The author has also managed to infuse their relationships with so many twists, intrigues, and such a web of different links, that I found I absolutely had to know what happened next!

The plot is thoroughly rooted in the lovely world which Suzanne Rogerson has created. The world-building in The Sentinel’s Reign is every bit as dramatic, complex, and exquisite as in the first book.  Again, I perhaps wanted more contextualisation, but the pace moves so fast that there simply isn’t room for it. The book isn’t poorer for the rapid pace or minimisation of detail, as the cast, set, and plot, are intriguing and rather wonderful, and certainly enough to keep a reader’s attention. However, I would have been more invested if I felt more connected to the landscape.

I loved every second of The Sentinel’s Reign. It was hard to put down, and lived up to my every expectation after the first book. I would highly recommend this series for classic fantasy fans.

Rating: 4/5

This book was given to me by the author as an ARC, in exchange for my honest review. Which I was very happy to provide.

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