December Book Bingo Reading Challenge

In case you missed it, it was my 6-month blog-iversary this month. I decided to celebrate by throwing a little competition. The winner gets a £25 Amazon voucher, to help them add to their own TBR – so it’s worth joining in! The competition starts on 1st December, and runs till 2nd January.


How does it work?

December Bingo


  1. As you can see, there are 24 categories. You just have to read a book which fits with each category (or as many as you can)

  2. Each category you tick off is worth 10 points (240 points in total)

  3. One book can “count” for multiple categories, and you still get the full points for all those categories – for example, if a book ticks off “a myth retelling”, “children’s book”, and “from your TBR”, you get 10 points for each category and that one book is worth 30 points

  4. If you read a book that is worth more than 5 categories, you get a bonus 10 points

  5. You get 20 points for everyone you tag in the comments, or your posts, who then joins in the challenge

  6. You must EITHER (1) post a mini-review for each book you read for the challenge, or progress reports as you go along OR (2) come back to this post and keep us updated on your progress – it doesn’t have to be it’s own post, it could just be a line on your usual reviews and a link back here 

  7. You must either post a final wrap-up on 2nd January, or come back to this post and give us a wrap up in the comments

  8. You need to link back to this post for each mini-review or progress report, and your final wrap-up on 2nd January


The Prize

Yes, there’s a prize! And it’s a good one!

The person, or people, with the most points on 2nd January will receive a £25 Amazon Gift Card.

No stakes, no glory, right?



I hope you’ll come and play with us! I’m so excited to see what you all pick!

Someone suggested they will just include the competition in their end of month wrap up – which sounds like a great idea! If you already do a monthly wrap up, why not?

I know a few people have already said they’re in, but who else is playing?! 

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