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December Book Haul

I have a little tradition… Maybe you have the same one? Every pay day, I allow myself one day to splurge my money, piss it up the wall, binge spend on Amazon, eat crappy takeaway that costs too much money. One day. Just one. And, predictably, as well as eating food I know isn’t good for me (a weakness of mine), I buy way too many books. Seriously, I think I’ve actually started getting better customer service at Amazon because they know they’re going to rinse me that badly on pay day.

That being said, I’m actually rather pleased with my book haul for December… I feel like I did “need” some new books, because I committed to running the December Book Bingo. Hopefully you’re all doing it with me… Yes? Maybe? Fingers crossed…

So. Let’s take a look at what’s up for December!


Hotly Anticipated

The two I’m most looking forward to are The Masked City and This Side of Murder. I just finished The Invisible Library (review here), and I cannot actually wait to dive into the second one. And the Verity Kent mysteries were actually recommended to me by the review of a fellow blogger, @The Lit Bitch, who’s reviews are always on point – so I’m sure I’m going to love This Side of Murder.

A Bit Nervous About

I’m not sure whether I’ll like The Old Ways. It’s one of those that’s either going to be super interesting, or dull af. We’ll see…


I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to be way more selective about what ARCs I request. I had to turn down three because I tried to read them, I really did, but they were so shite I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give them a fair review because I DNFd them hard.

When you started getting ARCs, maybe you did the same thing… But I just requested things on a whim. I got a bit trigger happy. I guess I found it hard to believe a publisher would give me any books, so I figured persistance was key. It’s not. Just putting that out there… I mean, hey, sometimes it resulted in some great reads. Othertimes… Not so much.

To which end, I cleared off my ARC list. Got all the reviews out of the way, ditched the last three, and started over a little more selectively.

Ghosts of Gotham looks fantastic, and I’m really excited about it. I’m not sure whether I’ll like The Storm Girl’s Secret, as I haven’t read the first two books in the series, but the description was good – so we’ll see!

Is anyone else reading anything good in December? Do you have anything specific planned to read for Book Bingo? Have you read anything from my book haul?



8 thoughts on “December Book Haul”

  1. I loved The Old Ways and now have the rest of Robert Macfarlane’s books. It’s a dense read but full of fascinating experiences. Lost Boy was also memorable – it completely twisted my perception of Peter Pan. Look forward to reading your reviews!

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  2. See, I genuinely thought no one else would have read The Old Ways! I thought it sounded good. I hear such good things about Lost Boy, so that should be fun.


  3. Looking forward to what you think of Red Sister. Once the whole trilogy is out I’m going to take a big chance and try Mark Lawrence again.

    Have you read previous Lawrence books or this your first?

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  4. This is my first… I can’t even remember how I came across him tbh. Maybe another book blogger… Red Sister sounds promising… and I think it’ll be my “book from a series” for December book bingo. It’s sometimes actually really hard to tell with fantasy though, I’ve read way too many books which looked great and turned out to be utter poop…

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