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December Book Bingo – week 2 wrap up

In case you missed it, it was my 6-month blog-iversary in November. And I decided to celebrate by throwing a little competition… So December Book Bingo was born!

The winner gets a £25 Amazon voucher, to help them add to their own TBR – so it’s worth joining in!

The competition starts on 1st December, and runs till 2nd January.

I’ve been including my Book Bingo points at the end of my reviews, but I thought I would do a weekly wrap up – so you can see where I am so far!

If you want to know more about the game, or are thinking of joining us, check out the rules here.

Week Two


We’re now at the halfway point, and I didn’t actually cross off as many categories as I wanted to this week. I only racked up 30 points, which isn’t too good. But still, there’s 2 weeks left, and I’m off for Christmas soon – so lots more time to read!

Living on One Acre or Less was my “arts and crafts” book, and The Handmade Apothecary was my “book you chose for the cover”. You can check out my review for those two books here. That’s 20 points…

Our House was my “book that won an award”, and you can check out my review here. That’s another 10 points.



                                                 = 110 out of 240

I did read a couple of other books, but they sadly didn’t tick off any of the categories I have left!

How’s everyone else doing with Book Bingo so far? How many points have you racked up? What have you been reading?


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