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December Book Bingo – Week 3 Wrap Up

This last week or so has completely overtaken me! Christmas shopping, finishing off work… Christmas… And I’ve been at my in-laws pretending to be a sociable being, so no chance to read. It’s been a bit mad! I honestly start to get a bit itchy if I don’t get enough quiet time to read, so I can’t wait to have some downtime at this point!

Anyway, as a result of alllll of that, I’ve only managed to read two books this week:

I really enjoyed The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories. And it netted me 40 Book Bingo points! Not too shabby… I read it as e-book, which tends to slow down my reading because I’m just not an e-book person. I like having the physical paper book in my hands. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. If you like ghost stories this time of year (or, hey, in general…) it’s a good ‘un. You can read my review here.

And Nucleus, which was a fast-paced historical thriller, but very well written. I don’t pick thrillers up a lot, but it made a nice change. I crossed “historical fiction” off my Book Bingo list for 10 points. You can read my posted-on-the-fly review here.

Only four days to go on the challenge, and I think I’ve left the trickiest categories till last to be honest…


How’s everyone else’s December Book Bingo going? Has anyone else found themselves super distracted and missing out on their reading time?

If you’ve been thinking about playing, it’s not too late! Go and check out the original posts for all the rules and How Tos… And then link back to one of these December Book Bingo posts with a quick run down of your months reading, and what categories you ticked off with it from the bingo board. You can even put your run down in the comments!

The person with the most points on 2nd January will recieve a £25 Amazon gift voucher!

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