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2018 Round-Up

I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s round-ups of their year! How many books they read, their favourites, least favourites, and stats and things… What happened to them personally over the course of the year… I feel like I’ve got to know a little bit more about some of my favourite book bloggers, which is kinda cool…

But, to be honest, this was a post I wasn’t going to write. Mostly because I have no idea exactly how many books I’ve read this year… I feel like that’s quite a key component, and I don’t keep track. But I’m really enjoying everyone else’s round-ups… So, this is me, hopping on the bandwagon…

Personal Stuff…

I don’t think I really talk a lot about myself personally here. I mean, I could, I suppose… There’s nothing stopping me. But I wanted Mim Inkling to be a space where I just talked about books. I wanted it to have that focus. I’ve probably mentioned a few things in passing… I definitely squealed with excitement a bit about my new puppy… But I tend to keep my “real life” out of it. That being said… I will say a few things about my year in general.

Here goes… Personally, I had a pretty good year.

I got engaged on New Year’s Eve. I don’t really have much more to say about that… It was a lovely thing to happen, I was not expecting it, and I’m super happy about it (obviously, bit depressing otherwise).

I got a new job which is busier but less stressful, more flexible, and pays better. It was a huge adjustment for a lot of reasons, but I’ve settled in there now and I’m actually quite enjoying it. It’s been a good opportunity for me.

Biggest news of all, obviously, is that we got a puppy. His name is Rubeus, and he’s the goodest boy.

I moved house… I started this blog, which has been a truly lovely experience… I went to a festival in August (Bloodstock, in case anyone’s interested)… And I went to Switzerland with my best friend. I usually do more travelling abroad, but what with house moves, engagements, new jobs and new puppies, that got put on the back burner for a while. I’ll get back to it in the New Year.

Bookish Things

I have no idea how many books I read this year. I average about 2 a week at the moment, and that’s a significant drop from before I started this new job and got a puppy. Turns out, puppies are time consuming… Who knew, right? Before all that, I think my average was something like 4 books a week. So I’m going to say I read somewhere in the region of 156 books this year. Ish…

My Top Three

I’ve read some brilliant books this year. Picking just three was hard! However, the ones which stand out for me are (in no particular order):

The Invisible Library

The Night Circus


 My Bottom Three

I actually haven’t read that much drivel this year… I feel like that’s an improvement on last year, though I have no data to back that up… My least favourites, in no particular order…


King of Ashes

A Life Less Throwaway

Tempests & Slaughter


I hope all your bookish years were as delightful and magical as mine has been, and wishing you all a wonderful new year – Mim.

17 thoughts on “2018 Round-Up”

  1. I totally understand wanting your blog to be about books and not your personal life. I usually just mention stuff happening to me in passing or as a starter to a post to get things going. Otherwise, all books. Out of your list, I read Night Circus, which I loved! I can’t wait to read her new book.

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  2. Congratulations on your engagement and on becoming a parent to your little puppy! I’m sure it is time consuming, but must be so adorable to spend time with him 🙂
    Wishing you a very happy new year!!

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  3. I sadly did finish it, and it was terrible… I like the author as well, it’s a shame… her early stuff was better. Have a great new year!!


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