Book Bingo – Winner Announcement & Final Wrap-Up

Thank you everyone for playing December Book Bingo! It’s been great to see what you read, and I’ve had a lot of fun trying to tick off all the categories myself!


Needless to say, I didn’t entirely manage it… Christmas got in the way (bah humbug!). But! I did manage to finish with 190 points. Not too bad… And I really did enjoy the challenge. I’ve never done one before, but it was fun.

In the last week, I managed to cross off “an author you don’t like” and “a book that you borrowed” with Getcha Rocks Off. You can read my review of that here… And “an animal as a main character” because I read both Gruffalo books to my puppy (no judgement, reading to your dog is totally not weird).

Drum roll please… we have a winner!

@The Orangutan Librarian crossed off all the categories, and finished with 250 points! Well done Monkey, and thank you for playing! If you go to my “Contact Me” page and send me your email address, or PM me on Twitter, I’ll send you your £25 Amazon voucher.

If you want to see how it’s done, you should definitely go and check out The Orangutan Librarian’s wrap-up post here

Thank you again everyone for playing! I’ve had a blast with it, and I hope you have too!

3 thoughts on “Book Bingo – Winner Announcement & Final Wrap-Up”

  1. It was a great challenge and I had so much fun doing it as well!! Aww that’s so cute that you read to your puppy!! And thank you so much for including my post and for hosting such an exciting idea in the first place! 💕💕💕

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