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My Reading Challenges for 2019

December’s Book Bingo was my first ever reading challenge. Not just the first one I’ve hosted… My I had so much fun reading everyone’s posts and comments, and finding out what they were reading and how they were crossing off the categories. Plus, I just really enjoyed getting to cross them off myself! There’s something super satisfying about ticking off items on a list…

Also, since one of my goals for this year is to read more widely, I think a challenge would be a great way to push myself with that – that’s what reading challenges are for, right?

So, I’ve decided I’m going to participate in three reading challenges this year. Three. Yep… That’s right… Apparently I don’t do things by halves…

Honestly, I was really only looking for one, but these three sounded like so much fun – I just couldn’t help myself!

If you’re still looking for a reading challenge to do this year, I found these (and many, many more) @girlxoxo

My Challenges

book to screen challenge logo

The Book to Screen Challenge is hosted over @Whole Latte Ideas. In short, the idea is to set yourself a reading goal for a certain number of books which have been adapted for TV or the big screen. You read the book, watch the TV or movie, and share your progress by linking back to the host’s site.

I’m setting my goal pretty low… But I think this will be good for me. I’m sure I’ve missed a few gems where I’ve seen the TV series, but not even known it was based on a book!

Goal: 6 books with TV adaptations

connect 5 books logo


Connect Five Books is hosted over @The Book Date and looks super fun! Connect five, but for books…! As it sounds, it’s all about making connections between the books you read. And once you have your five connected books, you share them in a Connect 5 blog or Instagram post. The connection could be anything (as long as it goes beyond the superficial).

Such an interesting idea! And, hopefully, it will get me thinking more deeply about what I read. Though, if I was entirely honest… I think I chose this challenge partly because I just love the idea of making an adorable Connect board to put all my books in…

Goal: see how many Connect 5 Books I can make over the year

book dragon reading challenge logo

book dragon definition

The Serious Book Dragon Reading Challenge is hosted over @Ragdoll Reads. This is your standard list challenge, where you read something from each category and cross them off over the year. Only, it’s frickin’ huge! And, just to be extra, there’s a “standard” and a “lite” version as well.

I chose this one because, firstly, it’s huge. I did say I wanted a challenge… And, secondly, how sodding cute is that ragdoll? More to the point, this is the challenge that will get me reading outside my comfort zone.

Goal: cross off all 60 categories


Is anyone else doing any reading challenges this year? Do you think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew?


8 thoughts on “My Reading Challenges for 2019”

  1. Well I never did before because I tended to forget about them… or get bored and wander off lol but I’ll give it a go this year and see


  2. Thank you! I’m excited about them, and I like the way they help me push myself and organise my reading… that’s oddly fun for me haha good luck if you do decide to do another challenge! And with Goodreads

    Liked by 1 person

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