Top 5 Tuesday… Reasons I Love Reading

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted @Bionic Book Worm where participants explore different topics and themes. If you’re interested in participating, head over to her blog to check it out!

Top 5 Reasons I Love Reading…

Exploring new worlds

Every time you pick up a new book, you’re invited into a whole new world – created just for you by the author (and your imagination). Who didn’t love exploring their own private island with the Famous Five as a child? Middle Earth with Bilbo and Frodo? Made up or real, it’s basically an opportunity for cheap travel.

meme 1

New Friends

Some characters sure do worm their way into your heart… You feel you know them so well, they’re almost like old friends. Love that.

meme 5

Learning new things

I like learning new things. And everytime I pick up a book, even a rubbish one, I learn something. Maybe it’s a different way to do dialogue, a new skill, a word, or how to process a situation. Reading challenges you in ways you wouldn’t expect.

meme 2


Books with magical themes, sure. But also, those books which just have a magical quality… That little sparkle. We all need more magic in the world, in my opinion.

meme 3

Checking Out

Is there anything better than that feeling when you’re just so absorbed, completely lost in, a book?

meme 4



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