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Bare Your Bookshelf

I saw the Bare Your Bookshelf tag over @Tomes With Tea and just had to steal it! It’s such a great excuse for shelfies, and I love the questions. It was originally @Paper and Fury.

When we moved house last year, I had some idea of turning the conservatory into an open air library… However, as it turns out, open air libraries are better in theory than in practise. In the winter, the conservatory is fricking freezing, and in the summer you could be forgiven for mistaking it for the fires of Mordor (hot as hell and plagued by things that are trying to kill you).

So, I know, my shelves aren’t super pretty. I plan to have a better library in the future!

The questions…

Book you own but haven’t read yet

This used to be a pretty lengthy list. Not counting my current TBR (which sits by my bed – books win their place in my library by being read), there are probably only about 10 unread books languishing on my shelves at the moment. That’s not bad for me!

Three that aren’t getting read any time soon, but I’m keeping:

Lethal White

I kind of fell out of love with this series after the first two books… But Lethal White is a first edition and, considering the author, I have a feeling it might be worth money some day. So, I’m keeping it. I might re-visit the series at some point, and I definitely plan on collecting paper copies of them all.

The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam

This book is frickin’ huge! It’s a really interesting subject, and I do want to read it, but it’s also slightly confusing if, like me, you don’t have a point of reference to start from on the subject.

The Woman in White

I’m keeping this because it’s a classic, but, again, it’s huge… I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m sure at some point my guilt about not reading more classics will kick in and I’ll pick it up.

Book at the bottom of your TBR

I don’t really have a “bottom” of my TBR… I’m a mood reader, so I just read whatever takes my fancy. Plus, as I’ve said, my TBR has to earn its way to my shelves!

Books your friends love

I get a lot of wonderful recommendations from other book blogger friends. I’ve read a lot more widely, and discovered some absolute favourites, since I started this blog thanks to your recommendations!

Three books which other bloggers recommended, and I also loved:

Book by an author you love

There are way too many books by authors I love on my shelves!

Three of my favourites:

A book with a colour in the title

The Amber Spyglass

A book set somewhere you’d like to visit

So many! But recently read Sorceror to the Crown, and I would love to visit the world Zen Cho’s created for that series.

Sorceror to the Crown

Your most collected author

There are 25 books in the Alphabet series, so, by virtue of the fact it’s a very large series, I think that must be my most collected author.

The Alphabet Series

A mismatched series

My copies of the Alphabet series start off with the older, original covers, and then I had to replace a bunch of them that got lost or were lent out and never returned. Now they don’t match, and, yes, it bothers me!

A book you love but don’t remember well

None. I can honestly say, if I loved the book, I remember it well.

How many books do you own? And is your shelf everything you want it to be?

I have no idea exactly how many books I own…

Book Math

20 or 30 books per shelf

x 5 shelves

= around 1,000 books

Plus, another 5 to 10 books on my TBR by my bed at any given time. And there are probably another couple of hundred books in the garage at my grandparents’ house, because I just don’t have shelf space for them at the moment.

My library isn’t quite what I want it to be… I’m missing some books from series, which I’m working on collecting. Either I read them as e-books, or I lent them out, or they’ve just got lost over time. I would also like more classics in there.


8 thoughts on “Bare Your Bookshelf”

  1. I’m the same with the Alphabet series! It’s one of the only series that I collected as she wrote them, but the first handful I got at garage sales!! So A-G are grungy old paperbacks and then I began buying them as soon as they came out, so the rest are the tall hardcovers. I’m not about to re-buy half the collection so I’m just letting it be. But it does irk me too.

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  2. Hahaha it’s not thatttt many… I saw a blogger had got their first bookshelf the other day and was like wow, that wouldn’t even fit a third of mine though sooo maybe I’m book hoarding haha

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