My Good Reading Habits

I’ve seen this tag floating around a lot, and it seems super fun, so I was so happy to be tagged by @The Caffeinated Reader! Though I have to say, it would probably be easier to list my bad reading habits…

The rules are simple:

  1. List some of your good reading habits
  2. Tag the person who tagged you
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  4. Nominate some of your blogging friends


New Releases

I pre-order all my new releases by adding them to my Amazon shopping basket and hitting “save for later”. I then order all the ones released each month in a glorious orgy of book purchasing on pay day. That way, I don’t miss something I wanted to read and I get the first editions! *Taps head* not just a hat rack…

That being said, I don’t particularly like the way Amazon operates. If there was an independent bookshop nearby, I would prefer to do my pre-orders through them.



I don’t know if this is a good or bad habit… I just think life is too short to force yourself to read something you’re not enjoying. So, if I’m not getting along with a book, I try my best to read at least half of it – but then it gets DNFd. And I don’t feel any shame about it…


Location, Location, Location

I can read anywhere. Seriously, anywhere… Trains, cars, my bed, at my desk at work… I don’t get distracted, and it doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book. I get through a lot more books this way!

Having any music on in the background does get a little bit distracting though, so I guess I should say, “I can read anywhere (as long as it’s reasonably quiet)”…


Paper Only

I hate e-books. I’ve given them a go, I own a Kindle, but I just don’t like ’em! Reading is a whole experience, the feel of the paper in your hands, the smell of the book, going to the bookshop… I don’t get that with e-books. Yes, it costs more, but my library is all the better for it. I’m calling this a good habit…

The only e-books I have now are ARCs – if I could figure out how to get physical ARCs I would… That’s the dream!


Will Read Anything

I’ll give (almost) any book a go and that means I read pretty widely, from most genres, lots of different styles and types of books. The only books I won’t generally touch are the type of romances with half-naked men with six packs on the cover (they’re almost always appallingly written and they just really don’t appeal), sci-fi (can’t get on with it, I’ve tried), and anything overtly religious (not my bag).

That being said, if the book sounded really interesting (or I was really stuck for entertainment), all considerations of genre go out the window. And I really do want to like sci-fi…

There are some themes I enjoy less than others… Love triangles, multiple perspectives, high schools, to name but a few… If I know that’s what coming, I might not pick up the book. But, even then, I’m likely to give it a go.



Tag, You’re It!

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15 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits”

  1. Haha ‘physical ARCs that’s the dream’ YES that is such a mood! Loved reading your good reading habits tag! And I totally get about sticking with physical books, as much as I switch back and forth I do find it harder for me to focus on ebooks sometimes!

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  2. I think DNF-ing books can definitely be a good habit. I used to not want to DNF books, mostly because I buy almost all my books so I felt bad DNF-ing them, but now I think I’m doing better now. And like you said, life’s too short to read books we don’t enjoy 🙂
    Great post!

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  3. Thanks Maddie 🙂 I do feel bad about it if it’s a brand new book… like, a little bit bad… but I figure I’ll probably give it away, so someone else will benefit… tbf I don’t have that many DNFs most of the time (though I had 3 this month!! That felt a bit excessive)

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  4. Loved this tag.. and could relate to most of what you wrote😊 I am yet to DNF a book but I think there’s one that I had started reading on Nov last year and still haven’t finished, that night make the first DNF list lol..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think so… though I definitely have very distinct likes and dislikes, so it doesn’t always change my mind about a particular genre or trope!

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