Zoe Sallis

Voices of Powerful Women

Author: Zoe Sallis | Publisher: Watkins

This empowering volume collects the words of 40 amazing women who have shown their personal power in many different ways. From environmentalists, humanitarians and Nobel Peace Prize winners to entrepreneurs, musicians and artists, these women discuss their work, their achievements, their hopes and their fears, offering inspiration and optimism for the future through their fascinating explanations of what they have achieved.

Topics range from influential early experiences, inspirations in life and most admired female figures to causes of anger, greatest fears, how to change the world and advice for the younger generation. This book encourages women everywhere to know they can achieve their greatest ambitions and help change the world for the better.

I have to admit, my interest in Voices of Powerful Women was piqued by its incredible line-up of interviewees. I’m not much for celebrity, but Voices of Powerful Women contains interviews with some of the most inspiring and impressive women in our modern world, including Maya Angelou, Judi Dench and Joan Baez; some of the interviewees I had heard of, and some I had to Google, but all of them had something important to say. And I wasn’t disappointed.

As you would expect, Voices of Powerful Women is full of wonderful words of wisdom, as well as some fantastic stories about the lives of these women. This is definitely one of those books you’ll pick up and flip open when you need a little inspiration, and I was very pleased to receive a copy from the publisher.

The book opens on a beautiful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt (who is not one of the interviewees, for obvious reasons): “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Zoe Sallis goes on to ask her subjects a series of serious questions; and I think some of their answers will surprise you.

Some of my favourite quotes from Voices of Powerful Women:

I think we are all walking wounded to one degree or another, and the only way we can begin to heal is first to understand the nature of the wound and then to forgive. Then healing begins.

–          Jane Fonda


I believe in anger. Anger’s like fire, it can burn out all the dross leave some positive things. But what I don’t believe in is bitterness. Forgiveness is imperative because you don’t want to carry that weight around, who needs to? And it will throw you down. It doesn’t help you to live life.

–          Maya Angelou


I believe in trying to be kind at every opportunity you can, without expecting anything back.

–          Louise Ridley


Voices of Powerful Women was a lovely collection of words, by some fascinating and inspirational figures, and is undoubtedly a book which many women will find inspiring.  That being said, it really is one to flip through, rather than read end-to-end, because it is quite list-like.

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