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Month in Review {Feb}

It’s been a bit of a mixed month personally. Reading-wise, I’ve read some really great books, but I also had three DNFs and I’m still struggling through one for my Book Dragon Challenge!

Goodreads Challenge Numbers February

My Goodreads challenge for 2019 is 60 books. So far, I’ve read 26 – so I’m way ahead of schedule! Though, to be fair, three of those 26 are DNFs, 1 is a book about journaling, and one was short stories… I don’t know if that’s cheating, or not… Either way, I’ll take it!

The books I read this month

A Discovery of Witches

I read A Discovery of Witches for my Book2Screen Challenge, on a recommendation from Brooke Hampton over @Barefoot Five. I loved the worldbuilding and the plot was gripping, but I found the romance a little too “insta-love” and I thought the book was over-written, too padded out, and could have used a good edit. The TV show was a little better.

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book over 500 pages 

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

My second book of the month for the Book2Screen Challenge, I came across The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying via the Netflix show. Though book was a little hokey, but I thought the advice was solid and it’s definely made my own house feel calmer and more organised!

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: the most hyped book of the year so far

How To Live Plastic Free

I’ve been working on getting to a state of zero waste this year (one of the intentions I set for myself on New Year). How to Live Plastic Free contained some pretty useful tips, and I thought it would be a good starting place for anyone beginning the same zero waste journey!

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book that will teach you a skill

The Muse

I loved the whole premise of The Muse, and I was totally invested for the first five or six chapters. Then there was a time/perspective switch, I found I no longer cared, and it got the hard DNF. This one wasn’t for me!

Book Dragon Challenge: a book set in the past

i am ozzy

I’m a huge Black Sabbath fan, and I love Ozzy. He’s a cool guy. But… I just cannot read yet another book of rockstar stories. I can’t… I just don’t care who got drunk, who did something disgusting, or how many women they slept with. I read the first half, wandered off, and then gave it the DNF. It’s not a bad autobiography, by any stretch, but just not for me at the moment.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book or author with an alliterative name


I really like Dan Brown’s books in general. The Da Vinci Code was great. But Origin just really didn’t do it for me… I wasn’t hooked by a third of the way in, so I gave it the DNF. It felt like too much same old – same old.

Book Dragon Challenge: an award-winning book or author

First Frost

I adored First Frost. I didn’t think it was quite as good as the first book, Garden Spells, but it was still absolutely magical and a wonderful return to some great characters.

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: an epic romance

Sorceror to the Crown

Sorceror to the Crown is undoubtedly one of my new favourite books. It was absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series! The worldbuilding is astonishing, the characters blew me away, and it was a real pageturner.

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book with a great cover

Voices of Powerful Women

I received Voices of Powerful Women as an ARC from the publisher. It included interviews with some very inspiration women and I thought asked some great questions. It did read a little bit like a list, however, so not one for a good read!

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book with no romance

Death du Jour

I really enjoy the Temperance Brennan series, and Death du Jour was a re-read for me – albeit, after many, many years. I thought it was, in many ways, a departure from the style of Kathy Reich’s first book, but nonetheless a very successful mystery / thriller. I also love the way she includes all the science-y detail, which gives the book a feeling of realism.

Check out my review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book set in another country or culture

A Country Escape

I’m a huge Katie Fforde fan. Her romances have such indepth, detailed and tangible settings. They’re all fairly… unromantic. It’s all very English. They’re some of my favourite light reading, and A Country Escape was no exception!

Book Dragon Challenge: (another) an epic romance (wildcard 4)

Trente-Six by Malika Moustadraf

A deeply affecting and gorgeously written collection of short stories, which are shocking in their honesty. But I can’t find the whole book anywhere! I had to resort to reading bits of it that had been translated online!

Book Dragon Challenge: a book in translation

The Tiger in the Smoke

The Tiger in the Smoke isn’t my favourite Margery Allingham, but I do love her detective, Campion, and I thought it was an interesting sort of anti-mystery.

Book Dragon Challenge: a classic book


So how was your February? Did you read anything good?

6 thoughts on “Month in Review {Feb}”

  1. I’m going to look into that How to Live Plastic Free- it’s something I want to attempt and a guidebook is always a good thing for me! Have a great March 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also love a guidebook! I was a little apprehensive at first, but its actually been easier than I thought and way more fun! Good luck with it, and let me know if you do make the attempt – come back and give me your tips!


  3. Yeah I definitely agree about the romance in discovery of witches being instalove and I think the TV show was better too. Ah shame about the muse- I’ve considered reading it, but wasn’t crazy about her other book, so wasn’t sure- I won’t bother now!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha yeeeeh it was totally cringy! I think The Muse was probably something people would consider “well written”… but it wasn’t for me…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, you’re doing well with your Goodreads challenge! I’m never sure about Jessie Burton – I didn’t get The Miniaturist at all so I didn’t know whether to read The Muse or not. The Zen Cho book looks really good though – I read The Terracotta Bride a few years ago and really enjoyed it ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yeeeh I didn’t like The Muse… I don’t think I’ll read The Miniaturist. She’s a fantastic writer, but it wasn’t for me! Oh Zen Cho… yes, definitely read it if you get a chance! It was wonderful

    Liked by 1 person

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