100 Questions: “Get to Know Me” tag

I was tagged by the very funny Beth @Before We Go to do the Get to Know Me Tag, and, since I’m off to the beach for the weekend – I figured it would be a good one to get scheduled!

There are 100 questions in 3 parts. Here we go!

Part I

Are you a morning or a night person?

I used to be a night person, but since we got the puppy I’m up earlier and I actually find I’m way more productive in the morning. I don’t like mornings though. People who like mornings are weird… Like, you’re awake, what the hell is good about that?!

Are you afraid of the dark?

No. The things you should be scared of are mostly around in the day as well… The dark doesn’t have a lot to do with it, as far as I can tell!

Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Bit of both. I like to chat and socialise, and I need that side of things… But I also like my own company. Like. A lot.

Are you double jointed?

Beth and I were discussing this and I think I’m “not quite jointed”.

Are you left or right handed?


Are you more of a tidy person or a messy one?

I’m an obsessively tidy person.

Are you on time or always late?

I prefer to be on time… I think being late shows a certain amount of disrespect for the other person’s time. Manners cost nothing… But having said that, shit happens. I’m not going to get stressed about it if I’m 10 minutes late for work or something.

Are you ticklish?

Isn’t everyone?

Can you curl your tongue?


Can you ice skate?

Yes, but not particularly well.

Can you wiggle your ears?


Coffee or tea?


Cookies, cake or donuts?

Cake and donuts, for sure. Cookies… American cookies are called “biscuits” in the UK, and those are good. Cookies, like chocolate chip cookies, are nasty. Not. Food.

Did you ever participate in a talent show?

With what talent? Reading really fast? No.

Did you go to prom?

Not my own prom…

Did you like school?

I didn’t hate school… I wouldn’t say I liked it…

Do you believe in ghosts?


Do you bite your nails?

Sadly, yes… I try not to. It’s a disgusting habit. But I can’t help myself…

Do you consider yourself a good cook?

I’m a great cook… Haven’t poisoned anyone yet!

Do you enjoy dancing?

Every once in a while I’ll go do the shaking of the tail feathers, sure.

Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?

I do enjoy crafts… I’m awful at DIY. I honestly think that’s an argument for sexism, purely to stop me having to build another sodding bookshelf.

Do you forgive easily?

Yes, I try and see the innocence in people’s actions, look on the bright side, and not take things personally. Forgiveness is a good thing. I believe in forgiveness. Who wants to carry around a lot of anger and resentment all the time? It’s not good for you. But I don’t think forgiveness means forgetting, or letting the person walk all over you again either. There’s a difference.

Do you have a nickname?

My mum calls me “Cuzzy”… I don’t love it…

Do you have any allergies?

Why do I feel like I’m setting myself up to be murdered here? Yes. Penicillin.

Do you have any phobias?

Many, many phobias! Big ol’ bag of nuts! Pigeons – birds in general. People wearing costumes where I can’t see their faces (I stand by that one, it’s just common sense, you don’t know what kind of fruitloop is under there). Not keen on heights. Pantomime dames. Nails touching teeth and bones. Nails touching paper. I’m just going to stop there… It’s getting embarrassing…


14 thoughts on “100 Questions: “Get to Know Me” tag”

  1. And they’re smart… one crept up on me on the tube the other day. Turned around and it was standing right next to me, staring up at me… they’re terrifying

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  2. Over the past few years i became a morning person. I used to stay up till 2-3 am, and be perfectly fine with it, but now i’d rather get up early. I think for me it just happened as i aged… now i can barely stay up past 10 pm 😀
    Birds are sort of creepy, i agree! Even the cute ones 😀

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  3. Ye I’m the same! The dog was definitely the turning point for me, but now I just feel like I’ve wasted the day if I get up after 8 or 9am! Hahaha it does mess with my party game though, same… by 10pm I’m thinking about a cup of tea and my pillows!

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  4. haha I so agree with you about mornings!! I’m much more of a night person! hahaha it’s good you haven’t poisoned anyone yet 😉 hahahaha so agree with you about DIY 😉 hahaha I relate to having lots of phobias lol. Fun answers!!

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