Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge: Day 2


We had a small slip up last night. I had to use one of my free passes for milk. The milkman doesn’t come till Tuesday and we were all out.


Today was pretty easy though, from a zero-waste perspective. I went out for breakfast, which may have contributed to the restaurant’s waste – but didn’t affect mine at all! This may not be the spirit of the thing, I realise, but I still feel somewhat smug…

Dinner will be defrosted pork chops from the freezer, with some of the vegetables we bought yesterday at the farmer’s market.

I would kill for some chocolate, though. Sadly, they all come in foil-type packaging and I’m fairly sure it can’t be recycled.


I finished off the cleaning from yesterday by making my own cleaning spray, which smells amazing and – cheeky bonus – did a great job of getting stubborn tea stains off the coffee table. I also like that it doesn’t contain any toxins.

A quick Amazon search led me to Dorset Pure Sea Salt, which comes in a glass jar. There are no spray bottles without a plastic spritzy-thing, as it turns out though. I did have to use a glass spritzer bottle with a plastic head. If you had an empty bottle of cleaning spray, I suppose you could always wash and re-purpose it. Luckily, this was pre-planned and therefore did not cut into my free passes. Plan ahead, people!


1 tsp salt

30ml water

10 drops Thieves

10 drops Purification

10 drops Lemon

Add ingredients to a spray bottle, shake well to dissolve the salt, and use as normal.


The sink is blocked again and the drain unblocker comes in a plastic bottle. Unfortunately, I didn’t even realise it had entered the house until our housemate started at the sink with the plunger and buckets. I’m not counting that as a mark against me, since I didn’t buy it. Nevertheless, if I had had to fix the sink, I’m not exactly sure what I would have replaced the drain unblocker with…


All in all, I’m not feeling too bad about my zero-waste challenge. Yes, I did crack and buy milk last night, but, once our milk deliveries start, that won’t be an issue anymore. I’m also really enjoying making my own cleaning products! This is a doddle.


5 thoughts on “Zero Waste Challenge: Day 2”

  1. There are some fancy-pants chocolate bars that come in paper wrappers, probably found at a health-food store like Whole Foods. The paper can be composted! Be sure to find the type without a wax coating and you’ll be fine. If worst comes to worst, you can always grab a glass jar and fill it up with chocolate-covered raisins or something from a bulk bin.

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  2. You can unblock your sink with bicarb (generous tablespoon) and vinegar (any – just tip it down). You get a volcano effect that literally drags your sink gunk up with it.

    Have to say, I’m really inspired by your posts! ☺

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