Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge: Day 3

Global Recycling Day

It’s Global Recycling Day over on Waste 360 and my feed is inundated with recycling tips! Finally, my own Super Crunchy posts won’t look so out of place…

My favourite tip is from Iris, who runs The Nabalo Lifestyle:


Going back to work was slightly more challenging food-wise. Food has, in fact, suddenly taken on a greater importance than ever before. I thought Dan was going to riot when he realised he couldn’t have crisps…

We made packaged lunches the night before. Bit more effort than I usually expend, but I’d anticipated that. My breakfast banana got squished in my bed and was only half fit for human consumption. Since I would normally buy my lunch, I would also probably eat more – and I definitely had more carbs going on. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been starving all day! It’s exhausting.

We didn’t have wax wraps or glass Tupperware (any Tupperware with lids at all, really) either, so our lunches are wrapped in leftover plastic bags that were lying around the house. The rules state, I can use it if we already had it in the house. The thing is, I don’t want to use nasty old plastic bags… I’m not sure how hygienic that is… It certainly doesn’t look like something you’d want to eat when it gets to lunchtime… On the plus side, the sandwich I had is much nicer than plastic-wrapped ones I would usually buy.


It dawned on me that going plastic-free is a bit of a financial investment. There are things you actually need in order to make this work… Wax wraps and glass Tupperware have been added to my Amazon shopping basket. More forethought was required. Perhaps I was overly optimistic about how challenging this would be…

Today was also not a good day at work… As a consequence, my challenge took a hit; I needed biscuits. It was an actual need. No judgement… They came in a box, but I forgot about the totally unnecessary plastic inside. One black mark against my name… The bottle of wine was plastic-free, though.

Dinner is chicken nuggets from the freezer – I’m too tired to cook.

Clearly, this challenge becomes much more difficult if you have to go to work… I still think I can be done, but “stuff” and a great deal of self-control / forethought is definitely required. I’m not feeling so chipper about my challenge achievements today.



3 thoughts on “Zero Waste Challenge: Day 3”

  1. I think this is exactly why so many of us struggle or give up. We know plastic is a problem. We want to cut it out of our lives. But finding and using alternatives quickly and easily isn’t quick or easy! Stick at it, you will find new routines and habits. It’s takes practice and you will “fail” but that’s ok, keep going.

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  2. Thanks! It was a bit disheartening, but I’m back on it today! I think I’m definitely learning how much forethought and planning this actually requires!

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