Jessica Rees

100 Organic Skincare Recipes [Book Review]

Author: Jessica Rees | Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

Stimulate your senses with Lemon Poppy Seed Scrub. Rejuvenate your skin with a Glowing Goddess Face and Body Mask. Wash away your worries with a Fizzy Mojito Foot Spa.

Filled with all-natural ingredients like lavender essential oil and brown sugar, each recipe in 100 Organic Skincare Recipes gives you the opportunity to mix up your own personal batch of beauty products–without any of the hazardous chemicals you’d find in store-bought brands. Whether you have sensitive skin or just want a natural beauty routine, these step-by-step instructions will teach you how to use oils, herbs, and other organic ingredients to replenish your body. Best of all, you can customize each skincare recipe to create one-of-a-kind products, such as Invigorating Ginger Citrus Body Wash, Carrot-Coconut NutraMoist Mask, and Chocolate Lip Scrub.

With the beautiful, soothing products in 100 Organic Skincare Recipes, you’ll always be just a few steps away from an evening of tranquility, relaxation, and indulgence.

Since I’ve been trying to go plastic free and doing the zero-waste challenge for a week, one of the toughest transitions has been finding plastic-free alternatives for my beauty products. Truth be told, there’s plenty of options out there. I love the whole Lush line, for example. But it doesn’t come cheap! A quick Amazon search led me to 100 Organic Skincare Recipes, which was free on Kindle Unlimited.

I absolutely adore the recipes in this book. Every single one has an explanation which goes over why those ingredients are in there, there’s nothing artificial, and the instructions are super clear. I actually feel like I could make the toners and moisturisers and scrubs! And I can see, from the explanations, why they would be more beneficial for my skin.

The language is very down-to-earth, there’s no additional bumpf, so I flew through 100 Organic Skincare Recipes in an hour. What took longer was my sudden need to Amazon search things like “maca flour” (whatever that is)… There are plenty of recipes in the book which you can make without buying a whole load of expensive new ingredients, but, equally, to get the most out of it I think you’d have to go shopping. Surprisingly, everything easily and relatively cheaply available on Amazon, or could be found with a quick Google search; even the things I initially thought were a bit “out there”.

I was impressed by the author as well. This is someone who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to skincare, and that really came across.

I also really loved all the pictures in 100 Organic Skincare Recipes. It made making your own products seem not only fun and easy, and beneficial, but attractive – like you could make some things you’d be excited to use every day.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to try out some of the tips!

5 Archimedes


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