Norman Hill, Rachelle Strauss, Rebecca Sullivan

Mini Reviews: Natural Cleaning Products Recipes

As I’ve been making my own cleaning products this week for my Zero Waste Challenge, I’ve looked for advice and inspiration in a lot of different places. These books have been absolutely invaluable, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone considering making their own cleaning products.

Natural Household Cleaning

Author: Rachelle Strauss | Publisher: IMM Lifestyle

Natural Household Cleaning is your handy one-stop shop for cleaning product recipes. I loved the pretty graphics and pictures, and the instructions were simple and easy to follow. I also really appreciated the emphasis on using products which are already readily available in your kitchen or at any store. The author is knowledgeable and experienced, and Natural Household Cleaning has a personal touch which makes the undertaking seem vastly more manageable. This is one book which quickly made its way to my own shelf!

Make Your Own Natural Home-Cleaning Products

Author: Norman Hill | Publisher: Self-published

Make your Own Natural Home-Cleaning Products has a fantastic introduction, which succinctly covers why you would want to make your cleaning products and some of the key terminology. I think terms like “biodegradable” are often used, and not as often understood. This is a great beginner’s book of cleaning product recipes, with lots of helpful tips and tricks. It isn’t long, the language is straightforward, and I thought the emphasis on use of natural products like high-quality essential oils was useful. It’s not a pretty book, but, since it’s available on Kindle Unlimited, it is a good cheap starter guide.

The Art of the Natural Home

Author: Rebecca Sullivan | Publisher: Kyle Books

The Art of the Natural Home has a broader scope, covering a variety of different personal and household items; including cleaning products. The approach is mindfulness, and quality, rather than sustainability – which is a refreshingly different angle. I particularly liked the emphasis on remembrance of things which worked from the past, and the personal stories from the author’s own family were both touching and inspiring. The photographs and layout are also lovely, and the recipes simple and easy to follow. This is a book which feels like a labour of love, and would be a great starting point for anyone just starting out with self-sufficiency.


9 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Natural Cleaning Products Recipes”

  1. I’m especially careful about the products in my house as well, for the same reason! I was a bit dubious that making my own cleaning stuff would work, but it actually does! So I’d definitely recommend trying it out 🙂

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