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Month in Review {March}

Largely due to doing my Zero Waste Challenge week, I seem to have read an awful lot of non-fiction “how to” type books this month. There was a definite lack of quality fiction!

Goodreads Challenge Nos

I’m about 70% through my Goodreads Challenge, and only three months into the year! I would say this was a matter of pride, but three of those were children’s books and non-fiction “how to” books do tend to pad the numbers somewhat… It feels a bit cheat-y actually!

Goodreads Challenge Books

What I read this month…

Courting Darkness

The worst novel I read this month – one of the worst of my year so far, actually – Courting Darkness failed to live up to expectations. I thought it was slow, missed entirely as a fantasy, and lacked enough points of interest.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book by a female author (Wildcard 2)

The Surgeon

The Surgeon scared the poop out of me – it was super creepy! But I loved it. The characterisation was innovative, the plotting was fantastic, and the pace carried it to the very end.

My review here.

The Surgeon was my Book2Screen Challenge read for the month.

Book Dragon Challenge: a spooky book

The Whales' Song

The Whales’ Song is hauntingly beautiful, a real children’s literature classic.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book that takes place at sea

Miss Rumphius

I quite enjoyed Miss Rumphius, it’s a cracking little story – though it definitely did confirm my feelings about audiobooks…

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book under 250 pages

100 Organic Skincare Recipes

For my Zero Waste Challenge I wanted to learn new skills which would help me ditch the plastic, and skincare was a fun area to start. 100 Organic Skin Care Recipes was excellent and one I will no doubt return to over and over again in the future.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book that will teach you a skill (Wildcard 1)

Storm Glass

While I wouldn’t say Storm Glass was a great book, in many ways – it was entertaining and I enjoyed the worldbuilding.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: Free Read

Zero Waste Home

Another book I read for my Zero Waste Challenge, Zero Waste Home was funny, well-written, and interesting. I loved the personal stories, and I thought it gave a lot of good, practical tips.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book that will teach you a skill (Wildcard 1)

Holistic Reflexology

I’ve been curious about reflexology for a while and decided to learn more about it. Holistic Reflexology is not really a beginner’s guide, but I found it very interesting.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book by a female author (Wildcard 2)

The Natural Apothecary

I picked up the Natural Apothecary books on Netgalley, and, I have to say, wasn’t very impressed.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a collected works


Part of my Zero Waste Challenge involved making my own cleaning and beauty products – for which I required good quality essential oils. I invested in a starter kit through Young Living, and Vitality was a fantastic resource for understanding a more about those oils and how to use them. I’d recommend both the book and Young Living.

Book Dragon Challenge: an indie book

Reflexology for Beginners

Another reflexology book, Reflexology for Beginners is colourful and informative, and quite a fun “how to” read. A good starting point if you’re interested in the subject.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book you’ve never heard of

Neal's Yard

Neal’s Yard: Essential Oils is a must-read for anyone who is into oils. It’s just a fantastic resource, detailed, eminently readable, and full of exciting recipes.

Book Dragon Challenge: Free Read

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals

Since I’ve been learning about oils, and replacing some of my plastic-wrapped products, I decided to try making my own pet products. Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals has fantastic recipes for flea spray, pet shampoo, and the like. It’s a great resource for pet owners and oilers alike. It’s not a book I would have picked up a couple of months ago, but I’m glad I found it.

Book Dragon Challenge: a book you wouldn’t normally read


Hands down the prettiest, coolest book I read this month, I absolutely loved Witchfairy.

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: a funny book

Natural Household CleaningMake Your Own Natural Home-Cleaning ProductsThe Art of the Natural Home

I also read three really great books about making your own cleaning products – a proper life skill!

My review here.

Book Dragon Challenge: Free Read

That was my month! Did you read anything awesome this month? What’s on your must read list for next month?

8 thoughts on “Month in Review {March}”

  1. Excellent post and an impressive list of books. Most interested in the reflexology books, as well as essential oils, both of which I subscribe too. If you are interested, might also look into iridology. I still carry my little eye chart in my wallet. Never know when you’ll see something interesting in someone’s eyes.

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