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Book Nerd Musings: How Do You Organise Your Bookshelves?

This may be the book nerdiest thing ever, but I saw a very funny post over @Meeghan Reads where she talked about how she organises her bookshelves by colour. I’d honestly never thought about organising anything by colour! What does that even say about me?! It got me thinking… How many ways are there to organise a bookshelf…?

So, here are my thoughts! How do you organise your bookshelf? Talk to me!

Up until recently, I really didn’t organise my books at all. During a moment of Marie Kondo-inspired madness, I had a big clear out and decided to come up with some sort of “system” for my shelves. Well, a semi-system… They’re currently organised by genre, and then books by the same author go together, any series in order. More or less… Once the urge to Spring clean wore off, I started shoving books randomly back on the shelves again. Under the right genre, but still.

My system sort of works. I usually look for books based on what genre I’m in the mood for that day. Only, now I’m wondering… Is there a better way?

I love the idea of my bookshelves being a rainbow of colour. It’s very aesthetically pleasing. Probably very Instagrammable. But I’d be hard pressed to tell you what colour a book was that I read a year ago. And I have nearly 2,000 books on my shelves! I have a feeling this system would make it much harder for me to find things in the long run. Practicality rules this one out for me.

In theory, I think this would be the best possible system. I almost always look for books by author. In reality, I just don’t think I have the patience to do it…

Year of Publication
The award for the most anal system goes to… I love the entire book-nerdiness of this idea! In reality, there’s no chance I’m going to do it. Sorting all my books by year of publication would take flippin’ forever!

What have I missed? How do you organise your bookshelves?

12 thoughts on “Book Nerd Musings: How Do You Organise Your Bookshelves?”

  1. Hahaha yeeeh… I have a problem… I collect… Yeh, I think by author is best too. It is how I look for things. I quite like my system of genre -> author… But, when I move and re-order my shelves, I think I might try something different.

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  2. Organizing books by color looks really pretty but I have to keep series together!!!! When I had big bookshelves I would have a bookcase for series and I would group all books of a same series together. If I had a lot of books by the same author, even if they weren’t a series, they would also go on this bookshelf. Then I had a bookshelf for all my “keepsake books” so the books I still have from when I was a kid. I had a shelf for all my comics and my graphic novels. The rest of my books were organized by size. All my hardcovers would go together and all my mass market paperbacks would go together!

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