The Apothecary

This blog is all about books, yes. I’m all about books. But I’m also a little bit “crunchy”… I love non-fiction of the self-help and nature healing variety, I love learning new things, and I really like learning about what will support my emotional balance, bring me joy, and help me navigate some of those rougher waters of life… Crunchy af, see?

  • Essential oils
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Getting connected to the earth
  • Herbalism
  • Reflexology


These are just some of the tools I use, and which I talk about a lot on this blog (via the medium of books). This page is going to guide you to some tools which will hopefully bring you the same joy. Dispersing knowledge as medicine… Physician heal thyself…

The Apothecary

Definition: the dispersement of medicine


If you’re interested in any of these things, and you’re not seeing what you need, or you just want to talk to a real ass person about it… Hit me up! If you want some oil samples, or you want a book I’ve talked about but you’re super broke right now… Hit me up! Hell, if you’re having a terrible day / week / month, and you just want to talk to someone… Hit. Me. Up.

Why? Why would I even do that? I don’t even know you, right?

Because here’s what I think:

  • we’ve become so devoid of community in our world (we’re all connected, but we’re actually not connected at all) and because of that we’ve seen an exponential rise in so many issues related to social isolation.
  • I know something, you know something, you put that together and we all collectively know a little more; but that is not happening right now. We’ve been losing some amazing knowledge that way.
  • Women used to be the guardian of the wells, all that earth knowledge and community building that today we deride or call “crunchy” – and our world is so much poorer for the lack of it.


So, it starts here. This is a call to arms. Help your neighbour. Form community. Let’s get crunchy.

Get in touch.



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