Book Dragon Challenge

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The Serious Book Dragon Challenge is your traditional “cross off the list” based challenge, with a twist, and it’s hosted over @Ragdoll Reads.

Ragdoll says:

Now this challenge is a monster. It’s aimed at the really serious, can’t-live-without-a-good-book, bury-me-in-a-book-shaped-coffin readers. It’s a biggy, and should keep even the most hardcore readers going.

  • 52 basic categories
  • 4 ‘free read’ categories
  • 3 ‘Wildcard’ categories

That’s 60 books for those of you who can’t be bothered to work it out. 1 read a week, plus a few extras thrown in. Finish this, and you can consider yourself a Serious Book-Dragon!

What is a “Book-Dragon”, you might be wondering. Well!

book dragon definition

Who wouldn’t want to be a Book-Dragon?!

It is a monster though… This may be my Everest!

Take a look:

Book Dragon Challenge

Progress Report

This is where I’ll post my progress reports for the Book Dragon Challenge, and links to the corresponding posts.

January Wrap Up

Book Dragon January