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December Book Bingo – week 2 wrap up

In case you missed it, it was my 6-month blog-iversary in November. And I decided to celebrate by throwing a little competition... So December Book Bingo was born! The winner gets a £25 Amazon voucher, to help them add to their own TBR - so it's worth joining in! The competition starts on 1st December,… Continue reading December Book Bingo – week 2 wrap up

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Mini Reviews – Lifestyle Books

I'm a bit of a hippy... There, I've said it. Judge me at your leisure... And I've decided recently that this is actually something I want to encourage more of in my lifestyle. Being a massive book fiend, I obviously turned first to some books to figure out how I might do that... Living on… Continue reading Mini Reviews – Lifestyle Books

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December Book Haul

I have a little tradition... Maybe you have the same one? Every pay day, I allow myself one day to splurge my money, piss it up the wall, binge spend on Amazon, eat crappy takeaway that costs too much money. One day. Just one. And, predictably, as well as eating food I know isn't good… Continue reading December Book Haul