Connect Five

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Connect Five Books is hosted over @The Book Date, and it’s all about finding connections between the books you read.

For example:

  • Five books of the same genre
  • Five books by the same author
  • Five books with a similar theme, such as mother/daughter relationships
  • Five books from the same series
  • Five books you bought in 2018
  • Five debut books
  • Five books from the depths of your TBR

You get the idea… The connection could be anything, but the idea is to get below the surface and challenge yourself.

Kathryn @The Book Date will post a link up on the last Wednesday of the month, which will stay open until the day before the next month’s link up goes live. If you want to join in, you can go and add your Connect Five post linkys there.

Progress Report

This is where I’ll keep you updated on how many Connect Five’s I’ve made so far, and put a link of the links to those posts.

January Connect Five: Strong Female Leads

February Connect Five: Inspirational Figures