Madam Mim

A page-sniffing book junkie, and English graduate, with a “real life job” that has nothing to do with books.


Things you should know about me

I have a small, but rapidly growing, library, because I can’t bring myself to throw books away. Even the really rubbish ones.

I’ll read pretty much anything. Although, I have a somewhat guilty love for cheesy 1930s mysteries and fantasy novels. It’s hard to pick a favourite genre, so I’m not going to try.

I’m a metal-loving hippy, living in a big city.

I’m not writing “spoiler alert” on all my posts. Because it’s a review. Obviously, they might contain spoilers… Although, saying that, I will do my very best never to reveal any crucial plot points. That’s just rude…


Some of my favourite (non-book related) things

  • the kind of music that people say “makes their ears bleed”
  • being the expert in the room
  • watching other people cook on TV
  • carbohydrates in most forms
  • tattoos
  • old records
  • cute puppies
  • handmade pretty much anything


My co-conspirator

Rubeus is a Labrador-Lurcher-cross, whose favourite things include chewing, tug of war, and exploring. He has a guest spot for his puppy diary, and enjoys reviewing the deliciousness of books. His favourite are old paperbacks, because they are the stinkiest and most chewable.


Review Policy

Will happily review (almost) any book for pink wafer biscuits.

Or for free, if it’s any good.

All kidding aside, I do accept ARCs, and I do review them honestly. I can’t see the point in saying I liked something, if I didn’t. Although I try to be fair and present a balanced view. Just because it wasn’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean it won’t be someone else’s, right?


Rating system


1/5: big ol’ thumbs down, I hated it

2/5: not my favourite, but there were some things I enjoyed

3/5: it was ok

4/5: I liked it

5/5: perfection, Holy Grail territory


1/5: this book was inedible

2/5: was probably edible, but tasted bad

3/5: was edible, tasted ok, but could have been stinkier

4/5: tasted ok… only ate a couple of pages before Mummy noticed and took it back

5/5: was nommy, and Mummy is mad because I ate her book

Butter wouldn’t melt, right?