Madam Mim

A page-sniffing book junkie, and English graduate, with a “real life job” that has nothing to do with books.

Things you should know about me:

I have a small, but rapidly growing, library, because I can’t bring myself to throw books away. Even the really rubbish ones.

I’ll read pretty much anything. Although, I have a somewhat guilty love for cheesy 1930s mysteries and bad fantasy novels. It’s hard to pick a favourite genre, so I’m not going to try.

I’m not writing “spoiler alert” on all my posts. Because it’s a review. Obviously, they might contain spoilers… Although, saying that, I will do my very best never to reveal any crucial plot points. That’s just rude…

Some of my favourite (non-book related) things:

  • travel
  • handmade jewellery
  • the kind of music that people say “makes their ears bleed”
  • being the expert in the room
  • picnics
  • watching other people cook on TV
  • carbohydrates in most forms
  • tattoos
  • old records

Review Policy:

Will happily review (almost) any book for pink wafer biscuits.

Or for free, if it’s any good.

Rating system:

1/5: big ol’ thumbs down, I hated it

2/5: not my favourite, but there were some things I enjoyed

3/5: it was ok

4/5: I liked it

5/5: perfection, Holy Grail territory