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Book Nerd Musings: Top 3 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Other Book Bloggers TAG

I saw a wonderful post over @Blogger Books, all about the questions you wish you could ask other, more experienced book bloggers. Mim Inkling has been going for nearly 18-months, so, in many ways, I’m still a newbie to the bookish blogging world. While I think I’ve managed to figure most things out I do,… Continue reading Book Nerd Musings: Top 3 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Other Book Bloggers TAG


100 Questions: “Get to Know Me” tag

I was tagged by the very funny Beth @Before We Go to do the Get to Know Me Tag, and, since I’m off to the beach for the weekend – I figured it would be a good one to get scheduled! There are 100 questions in 3 parts. Here we go! Part I Are you… Continue reading 100 Questions: “Get to Know Me” tag

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Book Giveaway!

Hi All, if you saw my review of The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up, you'll know that I just finished clearing out my bookshelves. In the process, I came across a few that, while I DNFd, everyone else loved. They're all in really good condition (some of them have never actually been opened... No judgement!).… Continue reading Book Giveaway!

Random Thoughts

Bookshop vs Library

I haven’t been reading much recently. If you follow my Twitter, you might know that I had a rough weekend… But I’m crawling my way back out of my bed of sadness to my TBR. Shit happens, right? I wanted to talk about the whole borrow v. owning books debate though. I read a really… Continue reading Bookshop vs Library

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2018 Round-Up

I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s round-ups of their year! How many books they read, their favourites, least favourites, and stats and things… What happened to them personally over the course of the year… I feel like I’ve got to know a little bit more about some of my favourite book bloggers, which is kinda cool…… Continue reading 2018 Round-Up