Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge: Day 7

My last day of the Zero Waste Challenge! I decided to go all out and finish my cleaning supplies, but was somewhat thwarted in the food department by a killer hangover. Food With a cracking hangover this morning, McDonald’s was a must. Luckily, all the non-fruit things come in paper. However, I did buy juice… Continue reading Zero Waste Challenge: Day 7

Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste: Day 6

I was in the office today, but determined to do better than the fiasco that was Day 3; my first day at work plastic free. Food I skipped breakfast, since the only things in the canteen not wrapped in plastic were apples. I went for lunch with the girls, and we agreed that, instead of… Continue reading Zero Waste: Day 6

Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge: Day 5

Bathroom I ran out of make-up remover wipes sometime ago, and I haven’t found a good replacement. Baby wipes get into our sewer systems and cause fatbergs (gross), and into the ocean where they harm marine life. There’s a great Friends of the Earth article that explores the problem. Not to mention, the single-use plastic… Continue reading Zero Waste Challenge: Day 5

Zero Waste Challenge

Announcement: Zero Waste CHALLENGE

I’m challenging myself to go full crunchy, full zero waste, for one week. The rules are simple: Avoid single-use plastic for one week, and no new plastic of any kind I get 5 “free passes”, for things I can’t live without If I already had something in the house which came in single-use plastic, I… Continue reading Announcement: Zero Waste CHALLENGE

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My Reading Challenges for 2019

December's Book Bingo was my first ever reading challenge. Not just the first one I've hosted... My I had so much fun reading everyone's posts and comments, and finding out what they were reading and how they were crossing off the categories. Plus, I just really enjoyed getting to cross them off myself! There's… Continue reading My Reading Challenges for 2019

Peter Mayle, Suzanne Rogerson

The ‘I Spy’ Book Challenge

I saw this tag on Becky @ Books of a Bookaholic 's blog, and she tagged me in to have a go! Not going to lie to you, this one was HARD! Go check out how it should be done on Becky's blog, if you get a chance. Because some of the ones I came… Continue reading The ‘I Spy’ Book Challenge