Sue Perkins

East of Croydon

Author: Sue Perkins | Publisher: Penguin A few years ago I was asked if I'd like to make a documentary on the Mekong River, travelling from the vast delta in Vietnam to the remote and snowy peaks of Tibet. Up until that point, the farthest East I'd been was Torremolinos, in the Costa Del Sol.… Continue reading East of Croydon

Barbara Cooney, Dyan Sheldon

Children’s Books with Eco Themes

Since I’m doing a zero waste week, I wanted to find some great children’s books which would fit with that theme. Ultimately, while we all need to do our part, I think it’s so important that children understand these issues - and books are a fantastic way of supporting that learning. Author: Dyan Sheldon |… Continue reading Children’s Books with Eco Themes