Ben Aaronovitch, Jane Austen, Mary Norton, Michael Palin, Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Sep Wrap Up

September has been an interesting reading month for me, being as it’s my first month back on the blog after my reading slump... I was determined to do things a little differently from before, so I didn’t end up feeling overwhelmed or not getting around to posting at all. Scheduling Firstly, I gave myself a… Continue reading Sep Wrap Up

DC Comics

Batman: The Cult

Author: Starlin, Wrightson and Wray | Publisher: DC Comics I’m not a fan of the graphic novel; just putting that out there. I’ve flicked through the occasional comic book in my time, but this genre has never really appealed to me. Then again, I’ve never consciously sat down and given a graphic novel a fair… Continue reading Batman: The Cult

Peter Mayle, Suzanne Rogerson

The ‘I Spy’ Book Challenge

I saw this tag on Becky @ Books of a Bookaholic 's blog, and she tagged me in to have a go! Not going to lie to you, this one was HARD! Go check out how it should be done on Becky's blog, if you get a chance. Because some of the ones I came… Continue reading The ‘I Spy’ Book Challenge