Dr Anne Brown

Backbone Power: The Science of Saying No

Author: Dr Anne Brown | Self-published A wise man once said, "the key to failure is trying to please everybody." But before you can tell others NO, you have to able to tell yourself YES. Yes to embarking on a path of personal growth. Yes to ending the cycle of people-pleasing and self-neglect-finally and forever.… Continue reading Backbone Power: The Science of Saying No

Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge Wrap Up

In case you missed all the excitement, I’ve been doing a week long zero waste challenge – a plastic fast, if you will! The rules were simple: Avoid single-use plastic for one week, and no new plastic of any kind I get 5 “free passes”, for things I can’t live without If I already had… Continue reading Zero Waste Challenge Wrap Up

Norman Hill, Rachelle Strauss, Rebecca Sullivan

Mini Reviews: Natural Cleaning Products Recipes

As I’ve been making my own cleaning products this week for my Zero Waste Challenge, I’ve looked for advice and inspiration in a lot of different places. These books have been absolutely invaluable, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone considering making their own cleaning products. Author: Rachelle Strauss | Publisher: IMM Lifestyle Natural Household… Continue reading Mini Reviews: Natural Cleaning Products Recipes

Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge: Day 7

My last day of the Zero Waste Challenge! I decided to go all out and finish my cleaning supplies, but was somewhat thwarted in the food department by a killer hangover. Food With a cracking hangover this morning, McDonald’s was a must. Luckily, all the non-fruit things come in paper. However, I did buy juice… Continue reading Zero Waste Challenge: Day 7

Jessica Rees

100 Organic Skincare Recipes [Book Review]

Author: Jessica Rees | Publisher: Adams Media Corporation Stimulate your senses with Lemon Poppy Seed Scrub. Rejuvenate your skin with a Glowing Goddess Face and Body Mask. Wash away your worries with a Fizzy Mojito Foot Spa. Filled with all-natural ingredients like lavender essential oil and brown sugar, each recipe in 100 Organic Skincare Recipes… Continue reading 100 Organic Skincare Recipes [Book Review]

Zero Waste Challenge

Zero Waste Challenge: Day 5

Bathroom I ran out of make-up remover wipes sometime ago, and I haven’t found a good replacement. Baby wipes get into our sewer systems and cause fatbergs (gross), and into the ocean where they harm marine life. There’s a great Friends of the Earth article that explores the problem. Not to mention, the single-use plastic… Continue reading Zero Waste Challenge: Day 5