Norman Hill, Rachelle Strauss, Rebecca Sullivan

Mini Reviews: Natural Cleaning Products Recipes

As I’ve been making my own cleaning products this week for my Zero Waste Challenge, I’ve looked for advice and inspiration in a lot of different places. These books have been absolutely invaluable, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone considering making their own cleaning products. Author: Rachelle Strauss | Publisher: IMM Lifestyle Natural Household… Continue reading Mini Reviews: Natural Cleaning Products Recipes

First Impressions, Richard King, Stacey Halls, Stina Jackson

First Impressions (Mini Reviews)

I recently found a site called Readers First - are any of you on it? Basically, if you're in the UK you can sign up and read extracts of new (and newish) books. You post a review of these extracts, and get 100 points for each review, and another 100 points if you share that… Continue reading First Impressions (Mini Reviews)