Sue Perkins

East of Croydon

Author: Sue Perkins | Publisher: Penguin A few years ago I was asked if I'd like to make a documentary on the Mekong River, travelling from the vast delta in Vietnam to the remote and snowy peaks of Tibet. Up until that point, the farthest East I'd been was Torremolinos, in the Costa Del Sol.… Continue reading East of Croydon


WWW Wednesdays

It's that time again! WWW Wednesdays is pretty much my favourite tag - and the only one I participate in regularly. So, in case you're new here, or have been living under a book blogging rock, what's it all about? WWW Wednesday is hosted by the lovely Sam @Taking on a World of Words. All… Continue reading WWW Wednesdays

Sean Mallen

Falling for London: A Cautionary Tale

Author: Sean Mallen | Publisher: Dundurn I received Falling for London as an ARC from the publisher. Being a Londoner myself, I thought it might be amusing to see my city through the eyes of a visitor. Also, I do like a good travel story. I had high hopes. Falling for London is witty, heartwarming,… Continue reading Falling for London: A Cautionary Tale

Yutaka Yazawa

How To Live Japanese

Author: Yutaka Yazawa | Publisher: Quarto Publishing I was 20 when I went to Japan (which I’m horrified to now realise was 10 years ago! Ugh! When did I get so old?!). But I had rather a mixed reaction to it. My mum and I travelled all over on the train: Toyko, Kyoto, Hakone, and… Continue reading How To Live Japanese